Introducing PanTerra

We source unique designers and artisans to provide styles that support you looking and feeling your best!
It is our vision that our clients feel confident and expressive each time they shop with us. We provide personalized consulting in-shop and if you reach out via email or phone you'll hear from one of our incredible team.

The crew at PanTerra Gallery & Fashion Boutique are as unique as the clothes and accessories offered in its hand-curated collections. It is our pleasure to introduce the hearts and souls behind this extraordinary boutique.


Born in Nebraska, Maralyce Ferree grew up with a fascination for fabrics and learned to sew in her youth. After obtaining an art degree, she provided art education services to rural areas of Nebraska. While teaching, she obtained a graduate degree in Weaving before packing up and moving to Portland, Maine to pursue her weaving passion. During this time Maralyce began experimenting with polar fleece. With a piece of polar fleece and what became a signature design, she created her polar fleece shirt with exposed seams and unintentionally transformed fleece from sport to fashion. This prototype was gifted to a new friend (and later partner in both business and life) who wore it out one night while having drinks when a fellow patron asked where they could purchase one. It was then that Maralyce Ferree Contemporary Clothing Designs (MFCCD) was created by Maralyce and her prototype “model”, Chuck Feil.

After selling MFCCD in 2005 the pair moved to Bisbee, Arizona to escape the cold winters of the East coast and on Halloween in 2006 PanTerra Gallery was opened in historic Brewery Gulch. The original Gallery featured photography of Chuck Feil and a few of Maralyce’s original designs. Over time she began adding unique pieces from small designers. In 2009 22 Main Street became available and PanTerra Gallery moved into the space.

Maralyce has curated a collection of styles that are not only exciting and unique, but that caters to as many body types and styles as possible. Her passion is to provide eye-catching fashion that people can feel confident to express their individuality and style.

Chuck Feil

Chuck was born in Washington, D.C. on the 5th of April. He spent his childhood in Potomac, Maryland graduating from Richard Montgomery High School in 1965.

After High School he graduated from University of New Mexico in Albuquerque with a degree in university studies where he was also the first photo editor and photographer for the school's newspaper "The Daily Lobo". This experience sparked a passion for photography which became a lifelong career and took him on adventures all over the world including filming wildlife for Jane Goodall's "World of Animal Behavior".

After meeting Maralyce Ferree (who would become his partner for the remainder of his life), they built the first of several businesses starting with Maralyce Ferree Contemporary Clothing Designs in Portland, ME and later with PanTerra Gallery in Bisbee, AZ. 

He would go on to eventually obtain his pilot's license and published 13 aerial photography books in a series he called Views from Above. They spent their early years dividing time between Portland and their beloved lakeside haven Valhalla on Lovejoy Pond in Wayne, ME, later splitting time between Valhalla and Bisbee.

Chuck passed away from complications due to pancreatic cancer on December 7th, 2022 at his beloved winter home in Bisbee, AZ.


Abigail Stage is a native New Yorker who relocated to Bisbee in 1998.  After 30 years as a professional modern dancer, Abigail now studies fine arts and relaxes by playing with crafts.  Her washi tape boxes and greeting cards are sold at PanTerra.  Abigail began working as a salesperson in 2011 and has just recently moved to Tucson to care for family.  She still does all of the Birthday Club certificates and each one is sent out with best wishes for another year and sure you'll find something wonderful at PanTerra.


Andrea was born in Hollywood, California where she lived in San Fernando Valley until she was about 10 before moving with her family to Little Rock, Arkansas. At 18 she moved to Tempe, Arizona to study liberal arts at ASU. She dipped her toe into retail working in sales and managing displays at Dillards. Her eye for interior design makes her invaluable in the visual merchandising of PanTerra Boutique.

In her down time, Andrea creates incredible surface design from murals to clothes, furniture and even floors. Her art has been sold in galleries in Scottsdale and a few of her unique pieces can be found inside our very own PanTerra!


Born in sunny southern California, Caren spent the days of her youth at Newport Beach. The mother of three ran marathons and taught aerobics and as her kids grew up she found an interest in retail. She entered the world of sales as a bridal consultant, worked for 20 years at Men's Warehouse, and rounded out her retail in California at a small boutique in Dana Point Harbour. Caren relocated to Arizona in June of 2022 where she began working at PanTerra Gallery.

Aside from working retail, she assists with the incredible storefront windows at 22 Main Street. On Saturday mornings Caren can be found at the Bisbee Farmer's Market where she sells her delicious homemade boozy frosted bundt cakes.  


Cooper moved to Bisbee after living and traveling for four years in her 25 foot motorhome. She’d been looking for a new affordable, friendly place to settle for a while and after a short visit to this picturesque old copper mining town she bought a house and has been in Bisbee almost nine years. In addition to co-directing a local fire prevention program, Cooper has been working part time at PanTerra gallery for the last several years. “The staff and customers have such a great time surrounded by the unusual, colorful, and unique art and clothing that PanTerra is famous for. I feel so fortunate to have landed in such a warm, welcoming town and job.”


Lisa just "figures things out". After leaving High school in three years (the nuns were thrilled) and dropping out of college after two months, she spent years in corporate America figuring out how to be an electro-mechanical designer, oil refinery designer, regional technical support manager for a CAD/CAM company, VP of marketing for a skin care company, and many other weird jobs that she can no longer remember. She also was fired from a job at a plant store after killing all the plants by overwatering them.

She's lived and traveled all over the world and speaks French and Spanish with a perfect accent but uses many wrong words. As a salesperson at PanTerra during the pandemic shutdown, she summoned her inner geek and convinced her boss she could build this website as well as add inventory control and Point of Sale systems. Now she has no life. But from time to time, she manages to travel and create collage art.