Sergei Gerasimenko

Born in 1967 in Russia to Ukrainian parents, in 1977 he and his artist mother and engineer father returned to Ukraine. Sergei went to a children’s art school, then studied ceramics at Uzhgorod School of Decorative and Applied Arts in Western Ukraine. He then entered Kyiv Academy of Painting, graduating in 1999. After Putin invaded Ukraine in 2022, Sergei had to leave his home and studio in Kyiv. He is currently living with friends in the relative safety of the Western Ukrainian city of Uzhgorod. His parents have temporarily relocated to Europe along with millions of other Ukrainian refugees fleeing the war.

Kim Terpening of Bisbee, Arizona befriended Sergei online and offered to sponsor his work, along with Maralyce Ferree of PanTerra Gallery, in Bisbee. 100% of the proceeds from the sale of Sergei’s work will go directly to Sergei.

A quote from Sergei in a message to Kim and Maralyce in 2022: ”Since 1999 I have lived and worked in Kyiv, the most beautiful and wonderful city in the world. And everything was fine. But the war came and changed our lives. However, I firmly believe that the Ukrainians and the entire civilized world will win this war.”