Cut Loose

Cut Loose casual clothing is sewn and dyed in San Francisco. 

All our fabric is tested to see how it takes the dye; how it holds its shape; how it shrinks; and whether it twists or pills or feels scratchy. The dye bath is 200º F (just below boiling), and we truly believe, “If a garment can get through our dye process, it can get through your life.”

Our fit simultaneously flatters the figure and allows room to really move.

Our dyes are non-toxic. Fabric tests are re-purposed into scarves, napkins, market bags, even scrunchies — for sale at our factory store. Garments are shipped without hangers or plastic bags, using recycled packaging materials. Even our labeling is minimalist.

Relax with Cut Loose. Have fun dressing in a relaxed style, with a bit of individuality. Our clothes are simple to launder and easy wear — even when you pick them up off the bedroom floor.