Sergio Lub

Trained as an architect in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Sergio realized his creativity could be more freely expressed as a jewelry designer. With access to an abundance of silver, Sergio’s introduction to copper began when he started adding the metal into his work for color:

“That is when I discovered the red metal and how friendly it is. Soon I was a copper fan and it became my primary medium. That was 47 years ago and our love affair is still  strong. I feel more at ease and creative working with copper than with any other metal.” - Sergio Lub

Today we continue to make our bracelets by hand one by one in our studios in Northern, California. Sergio's son, Nikolas Lub, has since taken over the production of our jewelry:

"Metal-smithing has been a tradition of our families profession for nearly 50 years. My earliest memories of my grandfather were of him in the studio, always working with his hands. I now have the privilege of working with my father and my sister and together we get to continue this 48 year tradition of our family." - Nikolas Sergio Lub