Sergio Lub LIFE'S FORCE Magnetic Bracelet 816

Sergio Lub

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Inspired by the traditional cross legged and straight back posture for meditation. It is believed that sitting this way, allows the spine to feel connected to the Earth and to draw from its basic life force.

Sergio Lub and his family individually handcraft each bracelet in their Northern California Studios. Bracelets are adjustable and designed to be worn continuously, aging gracefully as they last for years.

Primary Materials Include:

Pure Copper – The red/pink-ish metal found in many of their bracelets.

Jewelers’ Brass – The golden metal they use is an alloy (mixture of metals) containing approximately 85% pure copper and 15% zinc, another essential trace mineral for the human body.

German Silver – German Silver is the primary white metal they use. It is an alloy of 65% pure copper mixed with zinc and nickel.

Bracelet Sizing:

Small - For wrists up to 6" in diameter - Common children’s size, & for a petite size wrist.
Medium - For wrists 6" to 7" in diameter - For most Women, and some Men of medium build.
Large - For wrists 7" to 8" in diameter - Most common Men’s size, & also for a more voluptuous lady.

About Magnets & Healing:

Each of Sergio Lub's family's magnetic bracelets contains two powerful Rare Earth Magnets; one at each bracelet tip, carefully positioned to be worn over the wrist’s pressure points. Research has shown that magnetic fields influence biological systems, increasing circulation, stimulating tissue regeneration and reducing pain. Iron and many electrolytic salts in our blood, circulate bio-magnetically. Therefore, the proximity of a magnetic field may result in an acceleration of circulation, and the transfer of energy to all areas of the body.

For millennia, Chinese doctors have believed that a magnetic field, when next to the body, could markedly increase the wearer’s vital life force, known as ‘Chi’. The observed benefits were found to increase with the magnets’ proximity to acupressure points. Sergio Lub and family carefully place magnets in their bracelets near two important pressure points of the wrist.

About Copper & Healing:

“Copper is an essential element for the enzyme that regenerates the cartilage lining our bones and to clean up the radicals destructive to human tissues.” 
The Copper Bracelet and Arthritis, Dr. Helmar H. A. Dollwet, Professor of Biology, University of Akron, OH

“Copper, when in contact with the skin, forms chelates with human sweat, and is thus absorbed through the skin.
Think of a bracelet as a time-release source of copper."
- Dr. R. Walker, University of Newcastle, Australia.

“Copper chelates are more effective and less toxic than drugs being used to treat arthritis.”
- Dr. J. Sorenson, University of Arkansas, USA.

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