RAFFI SHAYA, the company’s namesake, is a true family business. Raffi, along with his wife and three daughters collectively run the company. They design and innovatively bring fresh new ideas to the market each season creating works of art. Each with their own individual styles and experiences, there is a common thread of versatility, luxury and uncompromising quality that the Raffi brand delivers. Raffi strives to create the ultimate timeless classic "staple in your closet" year after year.

Raffi is forever- always luxurious and always timeless.

Raffi Shaya, also known in the industry as the king of cashmere, started his brand designing sweaters. Raffi exudes positivity. A true believer to start and end each day in a good mood. His brand embodies his core values of good energy and living a high quality, happy life. Inspired by his many travels and busy schedule, Raffi makes sure that each collection is easy to style, timeless and easy to love.

“When you look good, you feel good. We are doing our part to make you feel like the best possible version of yourself. Wear the best to feel your best.”– Raffi Shaya

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