Manifest Color

Manifest Color by Michael Smith began in the early 1980s, when he would take time off art school and follow the Grateful Dead on Tour, selling signature T-shirts out of his '62 Volkswagen sunroof bug. People really liked what he was making, including some well known musicians of the day. He went back for a final semester of design school with an interest in learning everything he could about dyeing fabric to create something totally unique.

After experimenting with dye techniques from around the world, he arrived at his own unique variation of the Japanese Shibori Technique. He also added a number of festival-inspired silk styles and teamed up with his son to re-launch the brand as Manifest Color in 2016. Today, their work can be found in select boutiques from Asheville, NC to Beverly Hills, CA.

Clothing as Unique as the individuals who wear it. Hand Crafted in Asheville, NC.

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